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Engineering, Procurement, Construction

With more than 22 years of experience in the development and production of photovoltaic inverter technology, the Sungrow Power company is the world's leading provider for intelligent energy solutions.

Smart energy solutions

Sungrow combines clean energy technology with power electronics, energy storage, and cloud computing technology. Our financial strength, excellent core system development and design capabilities for systems integration have made us a global industry leader for overall solutions. From the development and design to the construction, distribution and operation and maintenance we cover the entire life cycle of photovoltaic power plant solutions.

Gansu Jinchang 100MW Photovoltaic Power Plant

Desert Power Station

Sungrow is one of the first companies to participate in the construction and development of desert power stations in western China. A large number of demonstration projects have been built in the western regions of Qinghai, Tibet, Gansu. Many more have become fully operational. Exemplary initiatives such as system operation and maintenance and networking services have defined industry norms and made new breakthroughs in desertification control.

Sungrow has accumulated rich practical experience for efficient land use and ecological restoration. We have successfully demonstrated our expertise in Guangdong and other places where we seeded specific plants, to extract harmful substances from the soil thereby protecting groundwater and reclaiming soil for future agricultural use. These very successful methods can be replicated and applied to many polluted areas all around the world.
As a global leading clean energy manufacturer Sungrow actively encourages the transition to green agriculture and organic farming. We believe that green energy and green farming compliment each other as two vital building blocks for a sustainable future. We promote the transformation of modern monolithic agriculture to intelligent green agriculture based on scientific and technological development, to form a mutually beneficial, interactive bond between green agriculture and green power for all.
Sungrow actively corporates with universities, research institutes, and laboratories to improve various disciplines like PV plant design planning, equipment, and material selection. We promote the comprehensive utilization of water PV power plants to achieve a double harvest of aquaculture and photovoltaic industry in addition to providing new ideas and theories for the development of clean energy solutions.
Sungrow extensively corporates with experts in agriculture and forestry and scientific research colleges and universities. For that, we extensively support and further the research of sustainable forestry management. Trees such as 'Cinnamomum Camphora' or 'Taxus Mandiya' - for example - are very suitable for large area re-planting. They not only effectively improve the geological and soil condition, but also greatly increase the comprehensive income of the land.
Sungrow has perfected the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of floating plants with durable and environmentally friendly technologies. We made major breakthroughs in key technologies such as system integration and we've built the largest floating PV of the world in Huainan that will continue to promote the upgrading of floating photovoltaic industry-wide.

sungrow - uneven terrain

Uneven terrain

Sungrow develops PV power stations in mountainous areas, former mines, and massive wastelands. Complex terrain and big construction difficulties are our specialties. Such projects have won the respect and praise of the industry and provided an innovative demonstration for the comprehensive utilization of new energy in China.

Reference: 50 MW project in Suwan, Chaohu, Anhui Province.

Sungrow HQ

Large Scale Distributed PV

Sungrow provides customers with one-stop standardization services such as "planning, design and construction, and intelligent operation and maintenance". We also provide value-added services such as "exclusive customized power plant insurance, financial leasing, and power generation value preservation" according to customer needs, allowing customers to enjoy worry-free service benefits. Sungrow has successfully developed and constructed a national-level 100 MW project of Hefei distributed PV generation demonstration zone, China's first TÜV-accredited Guangzhou Yima Distributed PV project, USTC pilot PV micro-grid project and many more distributed PV plants.