clean future - forest

Clean power for all.

Whatever your personal opinion on the climate change debate may be, it is obvious that our climate is changing - not for the better. So preserving our natural habitat is not a luxury - it's a necessity. Luckily the solution for this is as simple as it sounds: Clean power to all.

No business as usual.

Simple and logical as renewable energy may seem you probably ask yourself why our whole world isn't using clean power by now? The reason for the slow adaption is not really technical anymore but political. It is the unwillingness of the fossil fuel industry to forgo all those wonderful profits that are so easily made year after year.

So as the world cries out for cheap and clean energy, what would be more obvious than to turn to the sun? Three hours of sunshine every day are sufficient to satisfy the worldwide demand for energy.

Sungrow has been engaged in clean power generation since 1997. Our product solutions and services are helping to produce clean and green energy in more than 60 countries. Our R&D team is composed of international experts committed to providing first-class solutions to our global customer base - and to the globe we all live on.

When you consider that the concept of solar power was not really considered as a serious power source – even in the Eighties – we have come a long way since then. Combined with other forms of regenerative energy sources solar power is becoming part of the global energy mix. And we have been doing our part since 1997.
There are over 190 countries or nations that inhabit our little world. So far we managed to install clean energy plants in 60 of them. That is a good first step towards a cleaner climate, but there will have to be many more. After all, we all share the same climate and we all breathe the same air.
In absolute numbers that are 82,000,000,000 watts that are presently deployed by Sungrow globally. Even though this number sounds quite impressive it does not take a mathematical genius to see room for improvement when you compare it to the worldwide energy consumption. With a worldwide market share of 15%, we are not alone and we will continue to push for a cleaner world, that's a promise.