sungrow - our enviroment

We want our environment to profit from us.

As a company, we are part of a social and cultural environment. Even, if it has become common practice for corporate entities to subordinate everything to the bottom line, we see the bigger picture. That's why we advocate fair competition, anti-discrimination, and actively promote and aide our employees' professional development.

Say what you believe in - do what you say.

Looking beyond the bottom line reminds you that every company is part of our environment. That's why we give back to society with a heart of gratitude, actively participate in social welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, donations to schools, earthquake relief, and continuously enhance the professionalism and sustainability of public welfare practices.

That's why Sungrow's PV poverty alleviation program helped over 100,000 poverty-stricken households and 1,200 poor villages across the country, and all 12 campus caring power stations were connected to the grid for power generation.

That's how we work. And that's our way of putting our money where our mouth is when we talk about concepts like integrity, self-discipline, anti-corruption, and fairness.

That's our bottom line.

Being part of an environment comes with rights and responsibilities. Sungrow takes these very serious and gives back to society with gratitude. Our social welfare activities range from donations to schools to poverty alleviation which helped over 100,000 households and 1,200 villages.
Any commercial entity is in itself a miniature version of the society that spawned it. As such we advocate fair competition and actively promote and aide our employees' development. Anti-discriminatory principles, fairness, and openness guide us to approach all challenges in a democratic and pragmatic way.
There are often various ways to achieve any one objective: an easy way and a more complicated but appropriate way. To guide us in our decisions we follow a very strict self-imposed anti-corruption rule set. This may seem awkward, but a clean conscience and a high level of integrity are always the right paths.