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Solar power generation on an industrial level depends on many factors not least of which is the location of the solar farm. For large scale PV operations, the inverter plays a crucial role to ensure the long-term reliable operation of a PV power plant and expected ROI, thus, it should be specifically designed for local conditions.

Clean power made to fit any size.

Sungrow's integrated container inverter comes with versatile application possibilities and integrated programs to meet the requirements of the grid. Due to its standard design (10 or 20 - foot container size) our central inverters are easy to transport and easier to install. An optional Q at night function helps stabilize the power grid.
An intelligent PV power plant design concept equipped with SVG function, fast response to the reactive power control also includes a wide range of energy storage solutions (60 kW - 6.8 MW) for times of low demand. Ease of installation and maintenance as well as low operation and maintenance positively affect the bottom line.

Get the most out of the sun: Sungrow's central inverters offer a very high yield with an efficiency of up to 99% and a high DC/AC ratio of up to 1.5. by employing advanced three-level technology. An active cooling system keeps the temperature at a cozy 50 °C at peak power output.
Sungrow has filed numerous patents for systems such as the floating body, the matrix anchorage, and inverter & booster floating platforms. Our floating power plant solutions offer full resistance to level 17 typhoons or heavy snow, can be installed with dual-glass panels and are adjustable for different latitudes for marine installations worldwide.
Due to its container design (10 or 20-foot size) our central inverters are easy to transport and easier to install. An optional Q at night function helps stabilize the power grid. A true DC 1500 V system with low system costs and an integrated LV auxiliary power supply makes this a very sound investment.
Sungrow's central inverters come with an integrated current and voltage monitoring function for online analysis and for troubleshooting. The modular design of all our central inverters is made for easy for maintenance and servicing. An external touch screen for intuitive and convenient access to all functions allows you to keep an eye on things.
Our central inverters fully comply with the IEC 61727 and IEC 62116 standards and are able to withstand and keep connected even during a short Low/High Voltage Ride Through (L/HVRT) or a Frequency Ride Through (FRT). Active & reactive power control and power ramp rate control protect the grid at all times.
Stay on top of things with our one-click access to iSolarCloud for easy, centralized management of your power plant. The integrated insight software enables you to remotely monitor and control combiner boxes, transformers, power conversion systems, and up to 10 inverters. An integrated hardware firewall keeps everything safe and secure.

A Clean Future for Dak Lak Province: Utility-Scale PV Project in Vietnam



Solar power is only available during the daytime when the need for it is low. When the sun goes down the energy need increases sharply. Sungrow storage solutions are charged during the daytime and enable you to use the stored energy when you most need it. At night and in the early morning.

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